TL1 Training Core

Description of and application procedures for Summer Interprofessional translational research design course for medical students: TL1 Training Core.

Description: Students who are accepted into the fellowship program, sponsored by the Institute for Translational Science (ITS) TL1 Training Core, will participate in an 8 week inter-professional translational research study design and team leadership course in conjunction with a laboratory research experience during their first year of medical school. Each student will receive a stipend (~$4,392) to participate in both activities.

The inter-professional translational research design course includes graduate, medical, and dual degree (MD/PhD) students and uses a combination mini-lectures, small group discussion and in-class active learning exercises to guide students through the processes of identifying a translational research opportunity (e.g., gap in current clinical practice), generating a testable hypothesis, and reviewing the scientific and clinical literature in order to develop the rationale and experimental approach to address the hypothesis.

Students will work in mixed small groups (teams). In addition to discussions on the basics of experimental study design (including basic biostatistics), core competencies of team leadership, oral and written communication and multidisciplinary team collaboration are addressed. The capstone projects are: 1) a small translational research proposal developed by the inter-professional group addressing a clinically relevant problem, and 2) a poster presentation on your research rotation project at the annual SRP poster session.

Application: Interested students must apply to be considered for this program and associated stipend. By February 29, 2024, please submit the following items via this link: TL1 Training Core Application for SOM Students (

Eligibility: All nominees (trainees) must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents at the time of appointment. Faculty mentors who are not currently affiliated with this TL1 Training Program must be approved and added as a Training Program Faculty Mentor.

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